Not at All Megalomanic

This August I got an idea that seems to have been waiting for me for a few years, at least. It’s a combination of circumstances coming together, starting with me talking about becoming a web developer at Pink Programming’s event at International Womens day this spring, to having a lot of extra free time this autumn, via speaking at a CodeHer event in Copenhagen and there sitting next to a woman taking her first step into JavaScript (we made a count down to her trip next year). Another contributing factor was the fact that I’ve been looking for a new job and truly discovered the drought of women in my field of work: frontend development.

So what I came up with is a course in web development for women. I want to teach programming, and this is my way! I also want colleagues. I feel like I’ve done being the only woman in an entire team now, it’s enough.

And so far it’s progressed better than I ever hoped. We are a team of five women putting this together, and first day of this evening course is on February the 1st next year.

And I remember my introduction to programming at the University. I literally sat at my kitchen table crying trying to learn arrays and loops in Java. We had a teacher that droned on and on about boxes and Object Oriented Programming (queue sacral music here), and I didn’t understand anything at all. I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for the teaching assistants.

I don’t want anyone’s introduction to tech and IT to be like that, I want it to be filled with the possibilities of what you can do. Simply put, I want to find the best way to learn programming there is. And that’s not at all a megalomaniac thought…