The Total Excitement of Understanding - It's Empowering to Create Something

And understanding, for me, is one of the greatest things there is. That moment when the brain connects facts to a sudden and enlightened whole is something that makes the days brighter. In developing, I’ve found that these moments come often, if you fight for them. They also show up in unexpected places. And that’s what makes it so much fun. Let me give you an example. I’ve heard the word API so many times. I’ve read the article on Wikipedia. I could repeat the words, but I did not understand it. And then I made a tiny web app using the Reddit api, and suddenly it all made sense. It’s that wonderful feeling of ahaaaaaaaaaaa.

To understand a concept and how things connect and fit together is empowering. Suddenly you can create something. Make it yourself. By knowing a small bit of JavaScript, I can now create just about anything. By finally getting what an API is, so many possibilities open up. And wow, it that what an anonymous function really is?

I’m usually not this peppy, but to understand things makes me uncharacteristically upbeat. I have a friend who pushes me towards these moments and I’m forever grateful for it. I sometimes forget what a wonderful experience it is. It actually a little like exercise. I always forget how good it feels, when really, I shouldn’t. And I hope I never stop looking for this feeling. I hope I always keep on hunting new understanding and I hope I can find every now and then.